Executive Life Coaching

To be a master in life, you must gain mastery. Master the 12 skills in 12 weeks to go from "ordinary" to "extraordinary" in your personal and professional life.

Your best life in just 12 weeks

This is a specialized and tailored program that provides you with life mastery skills over a period of 12 weeks that moves you from ordinary to extraordinary to achieve all round success in your personal and professional life.

We explore deep insights as it relates to your personal, professional and business success, while helping you to gain access to rich content and innovative resources that will empower you to uplevel and increase your impact.

Line by line and step by step, you made all the “big big” grammar we have been hearing about how to build a sustainable business easily understandable and achievable. We have started implementing what I learnt immediately by reviewing our sales program, preparing a basic supply contract and taking stock of our goods, equipment and services to ensure steady flow of cash, amongst other things.

- Adenike Adeleke

The Executive Life Coaching Program Covers:

We deploy coaching strategies that help you to build capacity personally and professionally, get clarity on your life assignment and make an impact on your mountain of influence. The coaching outline covers the following:

Personal Life

* Understanding the brand called “YOU” – Discover your Life Signature
* Life Design by Purpose – getting clear on your vision
* Understanding your stage of life
* Leveraging your personality

Professional life

* Maximizing your unique skills and talent
* Networking for success
* Making the most of your professional relationships
* Strategizing to win

Business life

* Building your business to outlive you
* How to increase the value of your business
* Growing and maximizing your business funds
* Planning for succession

It's time to live your best


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Is this a one-on-one coaching program?

Yes, it is a one-on-one coaching program customized for your unique situation using a structured coaching model and tools that equip you to achieve your desired results quickly.

How is this program delivered?

The program is delivered through an online, interactive platform, so we can connect from any part of the world.

Can I pay instalments?

Yes, you can pay in two equal instalments.

I’m not in Nigeria, how can I access this?

The program is not limited to those in Nigeria. Anyone from all parts of the world can access it and it is delivered online so no travel is required.

Do I only pay in Naira?

You can pay the dollar equivalent if you are outside Nigeria

I have more questions

If you have any more questions, kindly send me an email at hello@biolaflow.com

It is possible for everyone to design and live an extraordinary, successful, and prosperous life. You can find your passion, conquer your fears, and live your life with resolve! Successful people challenge themselves to grow and employ every available resource to achieve their goals.

- Dr. Cindy Trimm