Business Mentorship

and Mastermind

Even with a house full of companions, life can still feel tough and lonely. Same thing with business. You don't have to feel isolated or do everything alone. You'll find knowledge, support and community in our mastermind.

Improve Your Business

As business owners, it can be difficult to know where to turn for advice. That is why I am such a huge proponent of business mentorship and mastermind groups. They provide an opportunity to flesh out problems and ideas with a group of people with varied backgrounds and experiences who have no emotional attachment or vested interest in your business. Just honest, objective feedback from a new perspective.

What's Included

You'll gain knowledge, but it takes more than knowledge to fix all the areas of breakdown and gaps to maximise your profit to scale up exponentially and build a solid structure to support your growth. That's why you also get:

Group coaching

Weekly group coaching alongside other visionary entrepreneurs


Together, we'll identify revenue opportunities in your business. 

Safe Space

No judgment here. You can ask any question and help anyone.

Honest feedback

Objective feedback is priceless, especially when it's from people who have no reason to lie to you.

What you'll Learn

You will have access to tools and resources that successful business owners have used to grow their businesses. You will be able to use them to quickly implement what you are learning and also get feedback on your results.

How to escape the "Time and Effort" Economy and pull your entire team into the Value Economy instead.

How to leverage the five "Freedom Accelerators" so that you create results faster and with less effort.

How to create your quarterly 1-page plan of action and how to get your team to fully buy in.

How to set up weekly accountability so your team executes on your plan.

How to build strategic depth into what you do, so that your company keeps thriving even in the absence of a key person.

How to get your team to implement the systems you created, while documenting best practices & institutional knowledge.

How to apply time mastery strategies with the support structure and accountability to ensure continuous and sustained success.

How to fall in love with your company again by redesigning your workflow and internal systems so they are simpler and more elegant.



For 6 weeks, you'll learn and implement what it takes to structure and scale up your business.

  • Group Coaching
  • Lessons
  • Mentorship
  • Safe Space

My experience at the scaleup mastermind was a great one. The program helped me to see through the cracks in my business and gave me the tools I needed to rebuild my business in a better way. The best way to describe it is that it helped us to reset as an organization. The experience also helped me to structure many areas of life and helped me to focus better on what's most important.


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(CEO, Fobca consulting)


Do I have access to you privately during the period?

This is a group coaching program. You get access to me during our weekly coaching calls. You can however send email with any specific questions you have, and this would be addressed at the next coaching call.

What are the benefits I get if I renew this subscription?

You get access to new content and expert sessions with different experts based on the learning focus for the month. In addition, you enjoy continued business mentorship and accountability as you renew your subscription. You also continue to enjoy the group energy and networking opportunities within the community that can foster your business development

Is this program virtual?

The program is online. All our sessions will be done online, and replays are hosted on the learning portal.

I have other questions.

Not satisfied? Kindly send all additional questions to