Thrive in your career

You can have both a thriving career and a thriving business if you choose to.

  • I help career professionals who want to transition to entrepreneurship gain clarity on how to start a business the right way.
  • I coach business owners to grow and scale their businesses by implementing structures so they can build thriving, owner-independent and scalable businesses without losing their personal freedom.
  • I provide capacity development through trainings, workshops and strategy retreats to forward-thinking business owners and their teams to unlock a higher level of productivity.

How we can work together

Depending on your current path, choose what you need below

9 to Thrive Club

If you have multiple skills, talents and experiences that can be valuable to others and you want to package it into a part time or full time business, then you’re most welcome here. The 9 to Thrive Club is a membership program to help you get more out of life and give value beyond your 9 to 5 job.

Business Mentorship

It can be isolating and difficult to know where to turn for advice, but you don't have to do it all alone. Our ScaleUp business mastermind program provides mentorship and group coaching to entrepreneurs looking for the right knowledge, support and community to scale their businesses.

Executive Life Coaching

You can design and live an extraordinary, successful, and prosperous life. This program helps you do just that, by helping you master the 12 life skills that move you from ordinary to extraordinary, achieving all round success in your personal and professional life.

Can’t find what you need?

Check out these Courses designed to help you grow capacity, build wealth, and create a lasting legacy. 

They Say..



Enrolling for the business structure online course was an eye-opener. It has changed my mindset and I'm now making progress with building a well-structured and profitable business. I learnt how to keep proper accounting records, how to pay myself salary and separate my personal and business funds. I also now understand how to plan and manage my taxes. Thank you for impacting so much knowledge and principles through the course.



This course gave me valuable insights that helped me to clarify my business vision and mission, understand how to manage my finances and how to attract the right staff to my business. I got so much value for my money and I recommend this course for every business owner who is looking to create a proper business structure in their businesses."