Become a Leader in your Organization

Deepen your self-awareness, improve your performance and position yourself for C-level roles and impact leadership opportunities in your organization.

Looking to get promoted or become more visible at work?

No company can afford to promote everyone. But that doesn't change the fact that some people will get promoted. The visionaries, the trailblazer, the communicator, and the coaches.

Do you want to position yourself for opportunities to contribute as new projects come up? Well, then you have to equip yourself with effective leadership training and competencies.

Program Features

This course is delivered online, and the instructor-led sessions are designed to provide a comprehensive experience for you, and produce greater returns on your investment.

  • Program duration: 12 weeks
  • Course delivery: Video Tutorials
  • Support: Live Group Coaching Calls

They Say


Signing up for the Business Structure Foundation Course gave me a lot of valuable insights that helped me to clarify my business vision and mission, understand how to managing my finances and understand how to attract the right staff to my business. I got so much value for my money and I recommend this course for every business owner who is looking to create a proper business structure in their businesses.

Orugbom Nsirim

MD, Trilogy Investment Limited

By the end of this program, you'll be able to:

  • Gain the key executive leadership skills and techniques you need to create winning strategies
  • Quickly understand and decode how to solve various communication problems consistently 
  • Heighten your emotional intelligence for greater professional achievement and satisfaction
  • Build an extraordinary team that collaborates effectively to deliver results
  • Use a range of tools and techniques to improve communications and relations within any team
  • Build a leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision, and guides your team toward greater performance and profit

Course Curriculum

Carefully designed curriculum, with modules designed to help you start today and become an exceptional coach in 12 weeks

Session 1: Setting Your Inner Game for Outer Success

6 Mindsets for corporate success. How to overcome fear of job security. Creating a life vision. Personal SWOT analysis. Work-life integration. Your personal values and goals.

Session 2: Peak Performance and Work-Life Integration

Time vs productivity. Creating a productivity mindset. Peak performance rituals. Managing physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy and spiritual energy.

Session 3: Personal Branding and Reputation Building

Discovering and positioning your personal brand. Your online presence. How to avoid being a generalist. How to show your personal brand on CV.

Session 4: How to Use LinkedIn for your Career Success

How to create a killer LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiter. Building up your professional network. Establishing your thought leadership and expertise.

Session 5: Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness

Why EQ is far more important than IQ. How to balance your left brain and right brain. Managing your stress. Resolving conflicts. How to develop integrity and trust.

Session 6: Professional Networking and Relationship Building

How to develop and maintain a strong internal and external network. Managing your relationship with your boss, peers and staff. Dealing with difficult people.

Session 7: Mastering Presentation Skills

Overcoming your fear of presenting. Controlling your audience. How to prepare presentations that engage your audience. How to present numbers like stories.

Session 8: Becoming an Authentic Leader

Leadership framework based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Find out your leadership style. Employee engagement and enablement. How to coach and mentor.

Session 9: Becoming a Business Partner

How to effectively work with other functions and create value for the business. Providing service excellence. How to become a value creation champion.

Session 10: Mastering Conversation Skills

How to start a conversation with senior executives. How to continue conversation without speaking much. Asking smart questions and tips for appropriate small talk.

Session 11: Career Planning and Job Search Strategies

Creating a life vision and integrate it with your long term career goals. Understanding the talent market. Creating a personal brand that attracts career opportunities.

Session 12: How to Handle Workplace Politics

Understanding the political dynamics of your organization. Knowing the power players. Maintaining a supportive network of power players. Dealing with group politics.

How do you know this is for you?


  • You're a professional with current or upcoming managerial responsibility
  • Your work involves motivating and collaborating with others
  • You’re ready to move up on the career ladder and position yourself as leader
  • You want to become more visible for the good work you do and get recognition for it


  • You have no dreams of getting to the top of your career
  • You never want to lead a team or manage projects
  • You are ok as you are and don't really care about career progression
  • You don’t plan to take on any leadership position now or in the future


This is for you if you want to become a more effective professional, communicate better, develop competence and command an executive presence that makes you too good to be ignored.

12 Competencies in 12 Weeks


How is this program delivered?

The course is delivered through pre-recorded videos which can be watched at your convenient time. Live sessions are delivered via zoom virtual classroom. Participants from around the globe can log in concurrently and join real time.

Will I have access to the course materials after the course is completed?

You will have access to the course materials and live session replays for a period of 12 months from the date of registration.

Will I need to purchase any additional material?

Your program fee covers all course materials. All of the materials for our leadership course are accessed on the course platform. Preparatory materials for our real-time live sessions are also shared via the course platform.

What are my payment options?

Fees must be paid in full to complete registration

How do I access the online leadership competency course?

You will receive an email in advance of the program’s start date with details on how to access the learning portal.

Is there any work I have to do before the program starts?

There are articles, case studies and pre-work materials to be read and studied before the program starts. These will be available about four to five days prior to the program start date. They will be debriefed during the live sessions.

Can I earn academic credit for participating in the course?

Currently you do not earn academic credit for completing the leadership course