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I coach and teach visionary individuals to start, grow and scale sustainable businesses, without losing productivity in their existing careers.


You have what it takes to thrive and I’ll help you find it.


What is your immediate focus?

Career Transition

You're a visionary professional who wants more out of life and in your heart, you know that you have so much more value to give beyond your 9 to 5 jobs. We created our membership club just for you. Learn more about the 9-to-Thrive club.

Business Transformation

Our business mastermind program provides mentorship and group coaching to entrepreneurs who are looking for the right knowledge, support and community so they can structure and scale their businesses.

Personal Productivity

Are you ready to master the 12 skills that will move you from ordinary to extraordinary 360° success in your personal and professional life? Check out the executive life coaching program, where we transform lives everyday.

About Abiola.

I'm Abiola, fondly called Biolaflow. I help individuals and businesses create scalable systems, so they can grow multiple streams of wealth without losing their personal freedom.
My goal is to become a catalyst for the transformation of African businesses, equipping them to build wealth and create lasting legacies that will bring positive change to the continent.

What they say


Creative Director, The Fabric Hub Limited

I signed up for the 8-week business coaching and I will say it’s worth every penny. What I have learnt and achieved so far is way more than what I paid. I got total value for money. I now have clarity around a lot of things and I've been able to draw up a clear roadmap to take my business to the next level. Thank you.


CEO, Uvisual Studio Limited

Meeting Abiola has helped us at Uvisuals Studios get structured as a business, we are now intentional about every process within the studio. We have successfully executed proper accounting. The most amazing thing about our experience with her is the readiness and availability to always help out on issues relating to finance and business structuring.

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