Business Structure Manual


Successful businesses and organizations have systems. Every employee working for a company has a set of rules to follow as they complete tasks. They may also have instructions that show them exactly how to complete each task.


Do you want to learn how to write standard operating procedures for your organization?
A common issue many business owners or managers experience with their employees is they either don’t follow direction, or they repeatedly come to them with the same questions. This can cause you irritation, make your business inefficient, and over the long haul, more expensive to run.

This manual has been designed to show you how to write your own standard operating procedures (or SOPs), which will help you to improve your operating efficiency, increase your employee’s productivity and maximise the use of your time as the owner, manager, or leader of your business.

It’s a practical workbook that helps you to follow a step-by-step approach to identifying the critical business functions and the recurring activities or processes that need to be standardised and documented or automated in your business.

Grab your copy NOW and get started with systemising your business processes.